Choose a license type for 360Works Web Services Manager 1.72

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Web Services Manager can publish any FileMaker script as an XML Web Service, using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). This allows real-time communication between your FileMaker Server and .NET, Oracle, C++, PHP, and any other SOAP-compatible software.

Demo Version

The product will run in demo mode until registered with a license key. While in demo mode, product will run for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker (or FileMaker Server, for server deployment).

You can quit and re-launch FileMaker to renew the 2 hour demo period, with no expiration date. Demos are fully functional during time period.


Enterprise License

This license can be used with FileMaker Pro for an unlimited number of users within a single organization. It also allows the software to be deployed on a SINGLE server within that organization for tasks including web publishing, scheduled scripts, and Perform Script on Server.

It does not permit distribution of the product outside of the licensed organization, and cannot be used for multiple customers by hosting providers.


Solution Bundle License

This license allows a SINGLE developer to distribute the product with a SINGLE solution to an unlimited number of companies / schools / organizations, regardless of the number of users of those organizations. This license also covers use with FileMaker Server scheduled scripts, Perform Script on Server, and the Web Publishing Engine. This product may only legally be used when bundled with the solution distributed by the developer who owns this license. Products cannot be registered using the plugin configuration dialog by end users; they must be registered by the developer using the plugin registration functions. No product support for the developer or sublicensees is included with this license; support must be provided by the developer or by 360Works at our standard hourly rate.


Portfolio License

For less than the cost of 3 of our most popular plugins, you can get the entire 360Works plug-in portfolio, all upgrades and most new releases for a year, and a single license key that works for all covered products. The 360Works Portfolio Bundle includes: - A base license of MirrorSync - A single user license of DocuBin - The popular SuperContainer - And more! As an active 360Works Portfolio Bundle holder, you will receive new versions of our products and paid upgrades released up to a year after your purchase. Simply renew your license for an annual cost of $695 to keep receiving new and upgraded products after the first year. The products you receive during your Portfolio Bundle subscription are yours to keep, regardless of whether you choose to renew your license.


Looking for a different license type? Contact us, we offer additional licensing options and reseller incentives.