Choose a license type for 360Deploy 3.0

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Older Versions: 2.86 1.01 

Automated, simple deployment of new database versions to your server!

Demo Version

This product has a free demo license available which can deploy to any number of servers. It is strictly for functionality testing and can only be used to deploy databases named ‘360Deploy Demo Solution’. You are legally permitted to change your own database to this name for testing purposes, but not for regular use.


Enterprise License

This license allows deployment with unlimited solutions (they can be multi-file solutions) and three destination servers. It allows updated file versions for an unlimited number of solutions to be deployed to three live / production servers.

This license edition is ideal for developers managing several separate FileMaker solutions on a small number of servers within a company. Only allowed for a single company, not hosted solutions for customers.

You MAY NOT use this license for more than three production servers, or more than one company or client, such as a shared hosting environment (a separate license is required for each customer) or hosted vertical market solution (this would require a Solution Bundle license).


Solution Bundle License

This license allows deployment with a single FileMaker solution (this can be a multi-file solution) and unlimited destination servers. It allows updated file versions for one solution to be deployed to an unlimited number of live / production servers and companies. The deployed solution can have different names for different customers.

This license edition is ideal for vertical market solution developers deploying changes across multiple servers for a single solution. It can also be used by businesses with a single in-house solution deployed across multiple servers.

You MAY NOT use this license for more than one solution.


Portfolio License

For less than the cost of 3 of our most popular plugins, you can get the entire 360Works plug-in portfolio, all upgrades and most new releases for a year, and a single license key that works for all covered products. The 360Works Portfolio Bundle includes: - A base license of MirrorSync - A single user license of DocuBin - The popular SuperContainer - And more! As an active 360Works Portfolio Bundle holder, you will receive new versions of our products and paid upgrades released up to a year after your purchase. Simply renew your license for an annual cost of $695 to keep receiving new and upgraded products after the first year. The products you receive during your Portfolio Bundle subscription are yours to keep, regardless of whether you choose to renew your license.


Looking for a different license type? Contact us, we offer additional licensing options and reseller incentives.